The quaint and cozy joy of visiting Blue Heron Farm & Bakery’s brick-and-mortar shop on East Commercial Street starts before you even walk through the door. The blue-painted facade of the little eatery is located just east of Commercial Street’s intersection with Boonville Avenue, which means as you breeze down the sidewalk to head into Blue Heron, you’re treated to the harmonious twinkling music of the Corinthian Bells wind chimes that hang outside Ms. Gilmore’s right across the street. On a fair-weather day in Springfield, it feels like a truly lovely C-street moment.

But a visit to Blue Heron is all about the food, so let’s talk food! You might recognize this business’s name if you frequent local farmers markets. They’ve been selling baked goods and farm-fresh items (like duck eggs) at Farmers Market of the Ozarks for years, but the storefront expansion has allowed for even more tasty offerings.

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