There’s a kind of magic on Historic Commercial Street (affectionately known as C-Street) that you just can’t find anywhere else in Springfield. Maybe it’s the variety of beautiful architecture from bygone eras, the bevy of dining options or the vintage and artisanal shopping. Perhaps it’s the live music that pops up from inside a bar or a gathering of street musicians. Whatever it is, if you find yourself needing to refresh and replenish or try something unique to do, C-Street is the place.

When I need somewhere to get away and be inspired while I write, I usually find myself driving toward C-Street. More often than not, though, I also find myself...distracted... by Dutch cuisine at Van Gogh’s Eeterie, caramel-vanilla lattes at Big Momma’s Coffee & Espresso Bar (The Old 66, usually crafted by Joe, has been my coffee of choice for over a decade.), a friendly farmers’ market and friends meeting up for cocktails at Lindberg’s. And I might be convinced to watch some karaoke. It’s all part of the creative process, I tell myself.

A recent visit was to have dinner and drinks with a friend, but before stepping into the restaurant, the farmer’s market called us. Quite literally, too. One of the vendors lured us over with handmade soaps smelling of pumpkin spice, and another with miniature cakes in all varieties. (I took home German chocolate; my friend a carrot cake.) I also left with elderberry syrup, new knowledge about the kombucha-making process and excitement about what meal I would make with all the beautiful vegetables I could never grow myself. Known as “the sweetest little market in town,” the C-Street Market has been around since 2005, every Thursday and Saturday from April through November.


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