Frightly News Investigates: The haunted history of Cafe Cusco

The building, located at 234 E. Commercial Street, was built in 1883 by two brothers under the name Bartlet & Bartlet, a doctor and a pharmacist. In fact, if you look at the outside of the building you can still make out the original sign on the wall.

The pharmacy was downstairs while the doctor’s office was upstairs.During that period Commercial street was the headquarters for the Frisco Railroad.

Around 1924, Paul Harris, the “Mayor of Commercial Street” made the building into a Bookstore and Wallpaper business. According to John Sellars with the History Museum on the Square, Harris Bookstore and Wallpaper would adapt with the times and begin creating greeting cards and paper supplies. Harris also rented out the upper floor for people to live in. The store closed in 1983 due to Harris’ passing.

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