CID Staff Position (2024)

Provides administrative and technical support for the Commercial Street CID Board, focusing on communications, project management and marketing efforts.


  1. Assists in the preparation, update and maintenance of official board documents, including public
    posting of information and record retention as required by the CID Act and CID Bylaws.
  2. Maintains district maps, including all CID owned street assets
  3. Attendance at all CID and CID Committee meetings and working with local businesses to ensure
    following CID requirements.
  4. Preparation, distribution and maintenance of CID meeting minutes and board packets (Agenda,
    Minutes, Financials, Requests) prior to board meeting and posting to public website. Agenda
    posting prior to meeting at meeting location and with the City
  5. Maintenance of CID calendar, as it relates to street events, meetings, and due dates on
  6. Efficiency with basic productivity software and cloud based platforms, such as Microsoft
    Word/Excel, Google, Trello, Blue Beam, Canva, etc
  7. Writing and producing content for external communications and social media
  8. Effectively direct the work of assigned personnel.
  9. Quoting and contracting of CID potential partners
    a. Publications, website, social media, consistent messaging among all publications
    b. Street assets, ie planters, tables/chairs, security cameras,
  10. Web site work
  11. Organization of various volunteer events, including salt distribution

• Ability to work independently with minimal oversight
• Excellent organizational skills
• Strong verbal and written communication skills
• Detail oriented

Additional Points:
• Review and understanding of CID Petition (filed in 2019), how CID formed, rules, etc.  Need to
understand how any changes to the Petition must be done, etc (possible increase of sales tax%, etc)
• Review and understanding of CID By-Laws.
• Assistance, education to businesses for sales tax and CID operations
•Review and understanding of Sunshine Law and Robert’s Rules (for conducting CID business)  
• Review and understanding of Forward SGF Comprehensive Plan – Commercial Street Strategic Plan
• Review and understanding of C Street’s TIF fund and how it works with community, City, etc

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your resume to: